AL-RAJHI FACTORY FOR SINKS & ACRYLIC PRODUCTS .is a familiar company born in 1997, and celebrates the excellent performance of the major role as the manufacturer and supplier of Stainless steel sinks and other stainless steel products like shelves, trolleys, tray, floor drains in various models and styles. Our Acrylic products of Bathtub, Shower Tray, and other plastic products are much familiar in the Market, especially in the Middle East.

The constant commercial and structural growth have conducted us to be, in the years, one of the most important industrial reality in the sector of sinks, acrylic bathtub, and shower tray. Love for the work, competence, tenacious and passion, are the ingredients that make us a leader in KSA and all around the world, especially in the Middle East.

Always a reliable partner, for the best known and important Middle East companies, provide to a stable control of a very considerable home-market share, while foreign market absorbs about half of the production, through manufacturers and distributors of similar worldwide prestige.

STAINLESS STEEL SINKS: Quality and design for the modern kitchen and for the most exigent customers, AL-RAJHI plays the lion role to supply most renowned modern style of Stainless steel kitchen sinks, available variety of Sinks in shapes and sizes as per the Customer needs.

ACRYLIC SHOWER TRAYS: AL-RAJHI makes taking shower a comfortable experience. Its modern shower trays combine contemporary design and innovative functionality with unique hygiene benefits. Water simply flows off the smooth, seamless surfaces, making it very difficult for bacteria to adhere and allowing quick and easy cleaning. Shower trays are therefore the best alternative to tiled showers. And so you can find the perfect model for your requirements from a wide range of dimensions, shapes and colors.

ACRYLIC BATHTUBS: Optional and very unique finish provides a refined look - opaque, compact, yet smooth to the touch like the velvet. Retaining all of the high performing characteristics of standard, the surface is easy to clean, hypoallergenic with non-toxic, luxuriously smooth and warm to touch surface that guarantees a high standard of hygiene. AL-RAJHI acrylic bathtubs have a homogenous, high-gloss finish, which naturally protects the bath surface from the threat of uninhibited bacteria growth and with regular cleaning, remains unblemished and shiny for many years. Variety in style, look and color of bathtubs in different shapes and sizes, ease the customer to select the apt, otherwise to manufacture as per the demand of the customers at the maximum range.

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